Posted: July 31, 2020

During Fall Semester 2020, experiential education (including credit-bearing internships, clinical assignments or noncredit experiences that are required for degree completion) may be either in-person or virtual. All academic units must accept virtual experiences as meeting internship requirements unless accreditation or other regulations prevent that.

If at any time during your Fall 2020 internship, you plan to participate in an in-person for-credit internship, on- or off-campus, you are required to complete the “Fall 2020 Internship Exception Web Form and Acknowledgement Form." Requests for completion of an in-person internship are reviewed and approved by Associate Dean Hoover, under guidance and/or after consultation with relevant University offices. Some exclusions do apply.

Please see Undergraduate and Graduate Internship Guidelines for 2020 for details. If you have questions, please contact or the Office for Undergraduate Education at 814-865-7521.