Posted: August 18, 2021

Thinking about studying abroad? Interested in the Equine industry? Join us for an upcoming info session about an exciting course with travel to Ireland over Spring Break 2022.

ANSC 499: Ireland’s equine industry; a global perspective into the horse world

Join us for one of the upcoming Info sessions on: Tuesday September 7th or Monday September 13th from 4:30-5:30 pm in 15 ASI.

This 3-credit course meets on campus during the spring semester and travels over Spring Break. In the first half of the semester, expert faculty will prepare students for the topics they will learn about in Ireland. While in-country during spring break, students will develop an understanding of the Irish horse market and how it compares to that in the United States, furthering their knowledge of the global importance of the equine industry. Upon returning to Penn State, students will deliver presentations to their classmates and instructors about their experiences in Ireland as well as submit a travel journal.

If you are interested in learning more but are not available during one of the info sessions, please contact the course leaders: Danielle Smarsh, or Andrea Kocher,