Posted: September 26, 2019

Lecture: Tuesday 1:35-2:50 pm, 158 Willard

Weekly discussion:

  • Section 1 Thursday 1:15-2:15 pm, 151 Willard
  • Section 2 Thursday 2:15-3:15 pm, 106 Osmond

Instructors: Prof. Elizabeth McGraw (Entomology) and Keith Machtinger (Education) - W251 Millennium Sciences Complex

Course description: This general education course examines the major plagues of human history from both a scientific and societal lens. The course will be co-taught by instructors with biology and political science backgrounds who will help the students to integrate across those disciplines. Each week during a single lecture, students will learn the etiology, mode of transmission and treatment/control measures of a different disease. In parallel, students will also read popular press articles on how these diseases have had particular cultural, economic or political impacts. These readings, in conjunction with guide questions, will prepare students for a weekly discussion during the second lecture run by both instructors. During the course, students will develop their ability to think critically about diseases and society and demonstrate this skill by designing a novel response to an emerging pathogen in particular cultural context. This course will also develop student communication skills both oral and written.

Prerequisites/Co-requisites/Concurrent requirements/recommended preparation: none

Course Attributes: GenEd, Inter-domain, GN, GH

Education Learning Objectives: Effective Communication, Critical & Analytical Thinking, Integrative Thinking

Assessment: A weekly quiz, participation in weekly discussions and a writing assignment

Watch this short informational video: