Posted: September 9, 2022

On Monday, October 10, from 4–5 p.m. in 104 Forest Resources Building, join instructors from Shaver's Creek — Penn State's nature center and field lab — for an information session about the spring SEED semester. This block of classes is open to all majors, and immerses you in an experiential semester focused on outdoor education, park management, and environmental interpretation.

Shaver’s Creek Environmental Center is gearing up for another exciting SEED Semester for spring 2023. SEED stands for Student Engagement & Experiential Discovery, and is held at Shaver's Creek — Penn State's nature center and field lab. While this block of four courses is rooted in the Outdoor Recreation option within Recreation, Park, and Tourism Management, a diversity of students — including those in many Ag Sciences and Education fields — find the program fits well within the focus of their academic plan. Students of all backgrounds and studies are invited to join this immersive semester that offers experiential opportunities in outdoor education, park management, and environmental interpretation at the Creek!

This opportunity is appropriate for students interested in:

  • Recreation, Parks, and Tourism Management (RPTM) major or minor — Park Management & Environmental Interpretation (PMEI) track
  • Elementary or Agricultural and Extension Education major (AEE)
  • Environmental Resource Management (ERM) major
  • Community, Environment, Development (CED) major
  • Wildlife and Fisheries science (WFS) major
  • Science Education (SCIED) major
  • environmental and outdoor education
  • outdoor/environmental/adventure careers
  • spending a semester at Shaver’s Creek

Learn more here.

All students are welcome and if you have questions please contact Laurie McLaughlin at SEED coordinator.