Posted: January 26, 2023

Established in spring 2009, the Academy is a three-year leadership development opportunity for a select group of 30 students.

As Academy participants, students will develop leadership fundamentals to thrive in an environment in which multiple dimensions of an issue are explored, diverse viewpoints are welcomed and heard, and a fully informed and respectful discourse ensues that leads to sound action.

Through the Presidential Leadership Academy, the curricular and extracurricular opportunities available through the Academy leads to further development of critical thinking abilities necessary for leaders to implement decisions with sensitivity to the circumstances that led them and the flexibility to rethink decisions and even change course along the way. A highlight of the Academy is a two-credit introductory seminar led by the President of the University.

Interested students may apply for membership in the Academy or may be nominated by members of the university community. Nominations and applications are now open. Deadline for receipt of nominations is 5:00 pm ET, Monday, February 27, 2023.

You may complete the formal nomination or application here.

To apply students must:

  • status as a first-year student
  • a minimum GPA of 3.2
  • demonstrated leadership skills, either in or outside the classroom

Students nominated for the Academy will be asked to complete the application process, which includes a resume, two essay questions, and two letters of recommendation.