Posted: April 2, 2020

Students are encouraged to apply for the Ag Future of America Leaders Conference, slated for November in Kansas City. AFA Leaders Conference offers college students personal and professional development opportunities matched to their year in college. The program bridges the gap between academic, leadership and work experiences while helping students understand the impact of their decisions. Students are given the opportunity to network with peers and leaders in the agriculture industry as well as increase their excitement about the future of agriculture by creating awareness about career opportunities in food and agriculture. To learn more about AFA, contact Penn State's campus ambassador, Patrick Rush at

What about COVID-19? Students should still apply.
AFA is committed to the safety of all our participants. We're actively monitoring the COVID-19 situation. At this point, we plan to hold our summer and fall events as scheduled. Our applications for AFA Crop Science Institute and AFA Policy Institute close in early April, and we're promoting those applications as usual. If the COVID-19 situations requires AFA to change to plans, information will be communicated to attendees.