Posted: March 18, 2021

Congratulations to Emma DeMark on being selected Ag Student of the Month for March 2021! Ag Student of the Month is a prestigious award given out by the College of Ag Student Council to a student who demonstrates actions that benefit their club and the College of Agricultural Sciences.

Emma DeMark is an outstanding student majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences at University Park. Her activities demonstrate the values of an exemplary College of Ag Sciences student. Her experience and involvement in the college make her a great role model for students in agricultural majors.

DeMark is a member of the Collegiate Horsemen Association at Penn State (CHAPS). CHAPS is an equine club at Penn State for students with a passion for horses. Emma participates in club activities like clinics, horse rescue, trail rides, therapeutic riding, horse shows, and socials.

Emma is also a member of Penn State's Small and Exotic Animal Club. As a member of the club, Emma promotes the responsible ownership of pets. The club also educates the community and university about small and exotic pet opportunities. Members also take part in animal-oriented service projects through the year.

Outside of her club involvement, Emma spends her time working on equine research with the Penn State Equine Research Team. She engages in hands on animal science research with other undergraduate students. The team focuses on how students can make an impact on “real world" equine research.

On behalf of Ag Student Council, we'd like to thank Emma for her work and dedication to the College of Agricultural Sciences at Penn State.