A photo of the Global Food Security team.

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Team photo, September 2013

  • Row 1: (bottom row), from left to right: Miguel Gómez, David Fleisher, Patrick Canning, Christian Peters, Michael Conard, Nicole Tichenor, Graham Jeffries.
  • Row 2: Kristen Park, Elaine Hill, Kate Clancy, Stephan Goetz, Linda Berlin, Anne Palmer, Kathy Ruhf, Hamedeh Etemadnia, Emily Piltch, Lauren Chenarides.
  • Row 3: Oliver Gao, Zach Conrad, David Marvel, Clare Hinrichs, Kathy Dischner, Kristyn Achilich.
  • Row 4: (upper-most row): Tim Griffins, Alex Xi He, Bonnie Parson, Mia Cellucci, Robin Romine, Carol Giesecke, Joyce Smith, Toni Liquori, Robert King.
  • Not pictured: John Eshleman