As a USDA "integrated project," the EFSNE project weaves together the pursuit of research, the education of students, and the exchange of knowledge with learners of all types. Integrated projects can accelerate the introduction of new knowledge into the classroom and enhance research through connections with "real world" practitioners, policymakers and citizens. Accordingly, we see our integrated project as an opportunity for teaching and learning at the cutting edge of this emerging field of food systems and for engaging students in exciting, multi-disciplinary research practice.

The education team of the EFSNE project seeks to prepare students with the diverse skills needed to research and develop more sustainable food systems. Five institutions are involved: Columbia University, Delaware State University, Johns Hopkins University, Penn State University, and Tufts University. Our programs reach both undergraduate and graduate students, and our activities occur both in and beyond the classroom. Collectively, our five institutions are incorporating material into existing courses, creating new courses, developing internship experiences and protocols, and engaging students in research. Some of the activities are "tried and true," while others are more innovative and experimental. All are pursued in the spirit of training the next generation.

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