Like many post-industrial cities, Baltimore has acres of vacant lots and a steadily shrinking population with just over 620,000 people. These challenges have proven to be opportunities for the current food system. Food features prominently in the city's sustainability plan and the planning department has a full-time food policy director to coordinate food access efforts across the City's departments. Food system goals are also embedded in Baltimore's Sustainability Plan, which seeks to position the city as a leader in sustainable, local food systems. Baltimore's programs include community food assessments, a food system mapping resource, EBT/SNAP benefits in farmers' markets and multiple urban farms.

We are working in two sites: Southwest Baltimore and Highlandtown, (located in Southeast Baltimore). Southwest Baltimore has a population of over 20,000, a median household income of $27,000 and an unemployment rate of almost 20 percent. About 75% of the population is African American and 17% is Caucasian. Highlandtown has a population of 7,250, a median household income of $49,000 and a 7% unemployment rate. About 73% of the population is Caucasian and 20% is Hispanic.

Aida Pinto-Baquero and Joyce Smith are the community liaisons for our Baltimore sites.

Our partners include:

Baltimore City's Food Policy Initiative

Operation Reachout Southwest

The Maryland Food System Mapping Resource