Milford and Harrington, Delaware

The towns of Milford and Harrington are in southern Delaware. Harrington is in southern Kent County, while Milford is bisected by the County line between Kent and Sussex Counties. The population of Milford is 9,797 as of 2012. Harrington, with 3,664 residents, is less populous than Milford, but is home to the Harrington Raceway and Casino and to the Delaware State Fair Grounds, which attract many visitors. Both towns are about 20 miles south of Dover, the state capital, and are about eight miles apart from each other. Both towns are on major highways - Milford on US Route 1 and US Route 113 and Harrington on State Route 13, also called the DuPont Highway. Both towns are surrounded by farms and boast several grocery stores and summer roadside stands. However, since US Route 1 is the road to the beaches of Rehoboth and Lewes, Delaware and Ocean City, Maryland, Milford is more dramatically affected by summer traffic and provides more opportunities for farmers to market produce at roadside stands. The towns each have thriving summer farmers' markets, and both school districts serving the areas - Milford School District and Lake Forest School District - participate in Farm to School. Milford is home to the southern Delaware branch of the Food Bank of Delaware which just added a $2 million culinary school and provides foods to food pantries, churches and schools in all of southern Delaware.

About 67% of the population of Milford is Caucasian and about 20% is African American and 11% is Hispanic. In Harrington, approximately 67% of the population is Caucasian and about 23% is African American and 5% is Hispanic.