Posted: January 9, 2016

See the Pasto Agricultural Museum at Farm Show 2016 in Harrisburg January 9-16 where we'll help celebrate the 100th anniversary of Farm Show with a tribute to the early days of farming. There will SO MUCH history all over the Farm Show Complex. This year is a MUST SEE event! At Farm Show, we’ll have presentations at 1pm Sunday 1/10 to Thursday 1/14 at the College of Agricultural Sciences booth (near McClay Street entrance) about the successful partnership between the college, industry and Pennsylvania's farmers that continues thru today! Pouring over historic documents and photos, we’ll follow the 1862 trail of a reaper-binder from Cyrus McCormick himself to Evan Pugh, the first president of the institution.

Another installment from the “Forgotten Drawer” photos…

Another installment from the “Forgotten Drawer” photos…

Pasto Agricultural Museum


Museum Address:
2710 West Pine Grove Road, Gate K

Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865