What discoveries will you make at the Pasto?

The Pasto Agricultural Museum is inextricably linked with Penn State and its founding as a land-grand university with the purpose of providing research-based programs and resources for Pennsylvanians. As part of the College of Agricultural Sciences, we are proud to offer research experiences at the Museum that align with the college's mission to "discover, integrate, translate, and disseminate knowledge to enhance the food and agricultural system, natural resources and environmental stewardship, and economic and social well-being."

The Pasto Agricultural Museum offers youth and families hands-on programs to learn ways of life from the past and exciting advances in the sciences of food and the natural environment. Community events showcase some of the newest, most advanced agricultural technologies and discoveries and draw attendees from every corner of the state. And, undergraduate and graduate students can access unique educational opportunities that provide a platform to learn from the past, dig into the research of today, and develop solutions for a thriving future.

Undergraduate and Graduate Experiential Learning Opportunities

At the Museum, Penn State undergraduate and graduate students have a unique opportunity to further their education. Undergraduate students can participate in internships and independent study or group projects to earn credit towards their degree, or satisfy hours for service learning and volunteering. Working with the Museum, graduate students develop science communication and practices that deliver a broader impact of research.

Virtual Research Tour

Learn about the cutting-edge research work by scientists and extension educators in the field and in the lab.

Look into the future of food and farming at the 2,200-acre Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center. Located at Rock Springs just east of the Pasto, the center is dedicated to researching improved food resources and farming practices to better the health of society and the environment.

Pasto Agricultural Museum patrons have the opportunity to virtually tour the center during their visit to the ​museum. Discover emerging research, and development on varieties and technologies that increase food and fiber productivity, sustainability, and quality, and mitigate animal and plant diseases.

On a virtual tour, use a StoryMap tool to learn the latest about pasture forage, riparian buffers, hydroponics systems, and industrial hemp cultivation. Plus, hear interviews with the people doing the work—scientists, graduate students, and partner. Curated by the Pasto, these interviews showcase popular tours from previous Ag Progress Day events and have been produced with support from the ​University Libraries Maps Library.

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