Experience the work of everyday rural life through the 1930s. See historic tools that were revolutionary in their time, from an ancient Mesopotamian sickle to woodworking implements, and ice harvesting equipment. Learn how food and fiber systems have changed over time, and explore how eighteenth- and nineteenth-century farmers tackled challenges and how these practices impact farming today.

Step into the past—experience our collections and exhibits first-hand

The Pasto Agricultural Museum features tools and technology related to agricultural and rural life, from a time before electricity and engines. Illuminating what life was like and how the work of daily living was done before gasoline engines and rural electrification, artifacts in the Pasto collection span from 4,000BC to 1940AD.

Special Exhibits on display:

  • Collections from the College of Agricultural Sciences These collections represent hundreds of years of collecting, curating, and preserving objects that reflect the human-made and natural world. This special exhibit is but a tiny taste of the 2.4 million specimen and artifacts vital to the teaching, research, and public engagement mission of our institution.
  • Beekeeping Exhibit : "Bee" sure to visit our newest exhibit about the history of beekeeping in Pennsylvania

Pasto Agricultural Museum


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