Designed for young people and their grown-ups. Each AgSci Action Lab focuses on a specific topic through a series of stations that provide hands-on activities for active, family-friendly experiences and lifelong learning. Look through microscopes, observe specimens, make observations, partake in crafts and games, and think like a researcher.

Families work together, and with research scientists, to explore agricultural science questions as AgSci Action Labs return to the Pasto Agricultural Museum, (photo provided)

Families work together, and with research scientists, to explore agricultural science questions as AgSci Action Labs return to the Pasto Agricultural Museum, (photo provided)

It Isn't Easy Being Green - Plant Biotic Interactions, Wednesday evenings, November 1 and November 8
Plant pathologists often try to culture microbes from sick plants to try to find and identify a pathogen.  With the help of our researchers, you will be a plant pathogen detective! You will determine what is infecting samples of fruiting and flowering plants. To answer this question you will create an experimental plan, record your procedure, test tissue samples, and make observations, just like scientists do!

Bugs Win! Battling the Colorado Potato Beetle, Saturday mornings, December 2 & 9
Insects are the most diverse and successful creatures on Earth. There are more than 10 quintillion insects on the globe. All these bugs! How can they be so successful? Insects are so resilient – they reproduce quickly, and they transform and adapt to their environment. Humans have been inventing and using pesticides to control insect pests that damage crops, or spread disease; however, insects have evolved robust capabilities to fight back. Our scientist will share their research and the questions they are exploring about how insects, specifically potato beetles are thriving. Together we'll examine more closely how these bugs fight back and see who might be winning.

Each topic runs two 90-minute sessions, one week apart. Plan to attend BOTH dates about a topic -- information and observation build from one week to the next! Programs are offered at the Pasto Agricultural Museum. There is no cost to attend. Parking is free. Space is limited.

Meet scientists! Penn State faculty and graduate students participate as speakers, sharing their work, and the tools they use in the field and in the lab. Each ActionLab participant receives a field notebook (just like our researchers use in the field!) to record their own observations. Participants will be pursuing some of the same questions that our scientists are asking.

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About Intergenerational Programming at the Pasto Agricultural Museum
AgSci ActionLabs allow youth and their grown-ups to explore the natural world together with hands-on learning activities led by Penn State scientists. Warning: This experience may spark interest in STEM (science, technology, engineering, and math) and agricultural science. Children must be accompanied by at least one adult. Adults must be accompanied by at least one child. The program is recommended for ages 5 to 105 and is held at the Pasto Agricultural Museum, 2710 West Pine Grove Road, Gate K, Pennsylvania Furnace, PA 16865.

Did you know? Our Spring 2019 program served 28 families, and 19 researchers shared their work!

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