Pasto Agricultural Museum

Visitors to the Pasto Agricultural Museum journey back to a time when farmers used muscle power, both human and animal, to produce food and fiber.


Hours and Directions
The Pasto Agricultural Museum is open Tuesdays and Thursdays 10am to 2pm from mid-March through mid-December.

Pasto News

Pasto Agricultural Museum at APD
August 3, 2018
So much is happening at the Pasto Agricultural Museum this APD. Stop in and see what's new, meet up with old friends and alumni, and take home a little bit of history! August 14-15-16, open late on Wednesday til 8 p.m.
This first image shows three piles of potatoes. Signs posted atop each heap indicate the yield from planting “parings, only eyes, and cut tubers”. Who knew you could get potatoes from just parings!?! That’s something to think when you’re mashing potatoes
Heaps of thanks this holiday season from the Pasto Agricultural Museum
November 24, 2015
Hello and thank you Friends! As we draw to a close our museum season and prepare to spend time with family and friends I want to extend our appreciation for your support of the Pasto Agricultural Museum through the year.
early 1900s Creamery, courtesy Penn State Archives
Hey! There's Science in My Ice Cream!
November 12, 2015
Join us as we celebrate the close of a fabulous Fall season at the museum with our annual Ice Cream Social. Sunday November 22 from 1pm at the Pasto Agricultural Museum.