Posted: December 7, 2018

Over the past many months you’ve been upgraded to the newest version of Microsoft Office – Office 365 and also to a university-wide mail system, Exchange 365. Learning to do what you’ve always done is pretty straightforward between your older versions and the new one….but that is the boring and safe place on the sidelines. The big kids jump into the fray, give things a shot and learn how much more the newest Office Suite can be!

Did you know that your recently installed Office 365 has a host of valuable applications? Yes, yes….we've known MS Office since Penn State was called the Farmers High School (almost!) and we know all about Word, PowerPoint, Excel and Outlook. Penn State's license of Office brings much more integration and functionality - especially for collaboration - and many more apps than just the Big Four.

Are you familiar with One-Note and Planner? OneDrive is cool, and Yammer works great. Microsoft Teams is very functional among team members and then a few more…Stream, Delve, Forms…Newsfeed and Flow. As collaboration and teamwork are the words of the day, jump off the bench and spend a few minutes when you are free to see how some of the lesser-known products might help you.

A great starting place for trainings, overviews and short how-to videos is the Penn State Office 365 web site:

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