Posted: June 15, 2017

In July 2016, Penn state invited all of us to test and critique two desktop video conferencing solutions, with the intent to adopt one as our preferred and sponsored platform. Votes are in and tallied, write-ins tabulated and included, then certified and adopted. Who won?

Nearly a year ago Penn State began a year-long pilot test of two videoconferencing tools with the intent of gathering feedback from faculty and staff before selecting one platform to be the centrally funded tool for all of us. The pilot program has come to an end, and Zoom has been adopted by the University as our centrally-funded, cloud-based web conferencing platform. It has been eleven months, seven campuses and innumerable surveys and interactions to come to this decision. If you participated in the surveys, your voice was heard.

Penn State urges all who are currently using BlueJeans or Adobe Connect to transition to Zoom as soon as possible. During the pilot program, the Ag IT Consultant team has developed a strong proficiency in Zoom, and they are available to help you use this product for your videoconferencing needs. Additional help and links for training can be found at the Video Conferencing website here:

It's time to put away your BlueJeans, and Zoom into the future with Penn State!

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