Each year, the Staff Laureate Awards ceremony recognizes and honors five staff members for their contributions to the College of Agricultural Sciences. This awards program is coordinated by the Staff Advisory Committee and administered by Ag Human Resources.


Staff members within an administrative, academic, or service unit who are classified under the Competencies program, the Union-University Agreement with Teamsters Local #8, or wage payroll in the Earned Time program are eligible.

The Awards

Customer Service Award

Kathryn J. Williams

Kathryn Williams, 2023 Customer Service Award Recipient

This award honors a staff member who demonstrates exemplary service to others, internal or external to the unit and the College of Agricultural Sciences.


  • Demonstrates excellence in customer service
  • Exhibits a high level of professionalism in interaction with others
  • Utilizes University resources for effective problem solving
  • Practices the philosophy of continuous quality improvement

Customer Service Award Nomination Form

Leadership Award

Shannon Zarkovich

Shannon Zarkovich, 2023 Leadership Award Recipient

This award honors a staff member who demonstrates leadership and high standards of performance and serves as a positive role model for others.


  • Demonstrates an ability to mentor, inspire, motivate, and support others
  • Displays sound judgment and exemplary problem-solving skills
  • Fosters excellence in performance, methods, and achievements
  • Encourages growth of others through professional and personal development

Leadership Award Nomination Form

Spirit Award

Mari Royer

Marileona Royer, 2023 Spirit Award Recipient

This award honors a staff member who demonstrates enthusiasm and an optimistic approach to work, creating an inclusive and supportive environment.


  • Exhibits enthusiasm and an outstanding attitude in the work unit and the College of Agricultural Sciences
  • Promotes cooperation and a positive work climate
  • Fosters respect for the value of all individuals, along with their backgrounds and cultures
  • Demonstrates commitment to the well-being of colleagues

Spirit Award Nomination Form

Trailblazer Award

Mary Alice Gettings, MS,RDN,LDN,CDCES

Mary Alice Gettings, 2023 Trailblazer Award Recipient

This award honors a staff member who demonstrates creativity and innovation in the improvement of programs, services, products, and/or approaches to the workplace.


  • Exhibits ingenuity and originality in the execution of job responsibilities
  • Exemplifies vision, openness to change, and responsiveness toward emerging issues
  • Demonstrates resourcefulness, creativity, and effective problem-solving skills
  • Contributes to processes that create and support an enterprising environment

Trailblazer Award Nomination Form

Nomination Forms

Nomination forms for the five Staff Laureate Awards.

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