Particle Size and Sand Sieve Test

These tests are designed for landscape architects, golf course superintendents, municipal park managers, and those who supply sand, soil, and other mixtures used by these professionals in maintenance and construction activities.

The Particle Size test includes determinations of sand, silt, and clay along with the USDA soil textural class as determined by the relative percentages of the three soil fractions.

Sand Sieve test includes seven separations: gravel, very coarse sand, coarse sand, medium sand, fine sand, very fine sand, and fines (US Standard Sieve No. 10, 18, 35, 60, 140, and 270).

Service Fees

Particle Size Test $20.00
Sand Sieve Test $20.00

Fees effective 7/01/2012

Submitting Your Sample

If submitting a sample for particle size/sand sieve tests in addition to the soil fertility test, indicate on the soil fertility information form the additional test(s) requested and include a check or money order with your sample to cover the costs of the additional analyses.