Standard Manure Test

Managing manure for optimum economic crop production with minimum environmental impact requires a knowledge of the manure's nutrient content. While standardized or "book" values listing average nutrient contents of manures are available, they are of little value because of the large variation that exists among different manure storage and handling systems. Instead, manure analysis is recommended for the accurate determination and optimum management of manure nutrients.

The Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory is certified for manure testing (since 2009) by the Minnesota Department of Agriculture.

Information on interpreting your manure analysis report and on calculating the appropriate manure application rates for your crops is available in the fact sheet, Using the Penn State Manure Analysis Report (pdf format).

Standard Manure Analysis Tests

The Standard Manure Test 1 of this program provides the minimum analysis needed to develop a nutrient management plan. Test results in this package include total and ammonium nitrogen, total phosphorus, total potassium and percent solids.

Standard Manure Test 2 contains all of the analytes in package 1 plus total calcium, magnesium, sulfur copper, zinc, manganese, sodium, iron and aluminum. Additional analyses are also available.

Service Fees

ServiceIncludes the following:Fee
Standard Manure Test 1 Percent solids, total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ammonium-nitrogen. $32.00
Standard Manure Test 2 Percent solids, total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium, ammonium-nitrogen, calcium, magnesium, sulfur, sodium, copper, zinc, manganese, iron, and aluminum. $46.00

Optional and Individual Analyses

Service Fees

pH $7.00
Percent solids $12.00
Percent volatile solids $12.00
Nitrate Nitrogen (NO3-N) $15.00
Ammonium Nitrogen (NH4-N) $10.00
Total Nitrogen (combustion) $15.00
Total Soluble Salts $10.00
Total Carbon $15.00
Phosphorus Source Coeficient (PSC) with Manure Test 1 or 2 $15.00
Phosphorus Source Coeficient (PSC) without Manure Test 1 or 2 $27.00
Calcium Carbonate Equivalence (CCE) (includes percent solids) $25.00
Faxing Reports (Cost each page) $1.00

Fees effective 7/01/12

Submitting Your Sample

Free sample mailers and submission forms are available from the laboratory or from county offices of Penn State Extension. Alternatively, you may submit your manure sample (approximately 2 cups) in your own plastic container and a manure submission form. Please submit payment with your sample with checks or money order made payable to The Pennsylvania State University or fill out the credit card authorization form.

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Instructions and information.

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This fact sheet provides information on interpreting your manure analysis report and on calculating the appropriate manure application rates for your crops.

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