Manure Testing

Tests in this area include the Standard Manure Test and Fecal/Manure Testing for Certified Feed Management Planners.

Managing manure for optimum economic crop production with minimum environmental impact requires a knowledge of the manure's nutrient content. While standardized or "book" values listing average nutrient contents of manures are available, they are of little value because of the large variation that exists among different manure storage and handling systems. Instead, manure analysis is recommended for the accurate determination and optimum management of manure nutrients.

Feed management is the process of managing the quantity of nutrients fed to livestock for their intended purpose. This involves development of diets that supply the quantity of available nutrients required by livestock for maintenance, production, performance and reproduction. Supplying nutrients in excess of animal requirements results in additional nutrients being excreted.

List of the standard manure testing methods used by the Agricultural Analytical Services Lab.