Aluminum Stress Test

The test is used to evaluate the potential stress of aluminum (Al) on forest tree species when grown on soils with pH less than 5.5. The aluminum stress test is designed to assist homeowners, park managers and others in optimizing woodlot management.

The test is a 0.01 M SrCl2 saturated paste extract in which the plant-available concentrations of aluminum and calcium are determined. The calcium to aluminum ratio is provided along with general guidelines relating this ratio to the aluminum stress levels for tree species. Recommendations for soil amendments, species selection for plantations, and forest regeneration outcomes are provided with the test results.

For most applications, only the mineral soil horizons containing the fine roots (less than 1mm in diameter) of trees should be sampled. Care should be exercised to prevent organic material including humus (usually black in color) from being included in the sample.

Service Fees

Service Fee
Standard Multiple soil test kit with aluminum stress test submission form $9.00

Fees effective 7/01/2012

Submitting Your Sample

To request this test, purchase a standard multiple soil test kit from the county offices of Penn State extension and request an aluminum stress test submission form. Submit your sample to the laboratory with the aluminum stress test form. The fee listed is for the aluminum stress test only and does not include fertility analysis.