View Your Soil Fertility Report On-line

On-line access to soil fertility reports is available to users of the Agricultural Analytical Services Laboratory.

To utilize this service, you need to obtain a unique password from the laboratory. The password will give you on-line access only to those samples that were submitted under your name with your password. With the exception of laboratory and university extension personnel, no other individuals will be given access to your reports. If you are interested in finding out more about this service, please contact the laboratory. Use the link above, if you have been assigned a password and would like to access the soil fertility reports and data on-line.

Back Messages for Sample Reports

Important messages that are printed on the back of sample reports are not provided on the pdf copies that you print from our on-line site. These messages are specific to each report type and are listed below. Prior to printing your individual report(s), please print a copy of these messages for the report type of interest to ensure that you have all relevant information for your soil test report.