Lab Research Safety

Lab research safety procedures, responsibilities, and training.

All College of Agricultural Sciences Laboratories are required to follow the University’s Laboratory and Research Safety Plan (.doc). The University developed the Laboratory and Research Safety Plan to promote the safety of employees, students and visitors working in laboratories and research areas. The plan provides guidelines for prudent practices and procedures for the safe management of chemicals and other hazards possible in the laboratory/research setting, and for work practices regarding equipment and personal protective equipment that are capable of protecting individuals from potential health hazards.

The Laboratory and Research Safety Plan is intended to be a central safety resource and hazard assessment for the laboratory or research area. The complete Safety Plan includes:

    1.  General Safety Plan

    - Pages 27-177 of Laboratory and Research Safety Plan

    2.  Waste Management Logbook
    - Comprehensive List of Trained Individuals to Handle Chemicals and Waste
    * Include copies of training documentation/certificates
    * A completed copy of this form along with copies of training       certificates should be provided to your Departmental Safety Officer
    - Make sure Chemical Waste Accumulation Area Weekly Review Log is being completed.

    - Print out and date a copy of CHIMS Inventory, sign and date Annual CHIMS Review

    3.  Unit Specific Plan which serves as the laboratory's hazard assessment
    - Certificate of Agreement must be printed and signed annually.

    - Standard Operating Procedures or lab protocols, including Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) requirements

    - Must be completed annually and submitted to your Departmental Safety Officer. 
    - Keep signed copy in your Laboratory and Research Safety Plan Binder



    Laboratory Inspections

    EH&S and Departmental Safety Officers conduct Laboratory Inspections each March to insure the Laboratories have up to date documentation, correct chemical labels, waste accumulation practices/disposal, lab signage, and a hazard free working environment.

    Prior to the physical lab inspection, laboratories are required to complete a yearly self inspection form and return it to their respective department contact along with all training records from the past year.

    After the lab inspection, the PI will be given an inspection report from EH&S indicating any issues that need corrected. The PI must then correct the issues, sign, and return the report to their Departmental Safety Officer.