Accident Reporting

Forms, procedures, and contact information to report an accident.

Reporting a Workers' Compensation Accident

An accident report should be filed each time anyone is hurt, no matter how minor the injury may seem and regardless of whether the employee is full-time, part-time, casual, or a student. An injured worker may not complete their own injury report.

To submit a Workers' Compensation accident report, contact the person in your department or work unit authorized to enter Workers' Compensation claims.

Department/UnitPrimary ContactAlternate Contact
Agricultural and Biological Engineering Amy Maney
Agricultural Economics, Sociology, and Education Sue Rossman
Animal Science Erin Mickney Amy Pyle
Ecosystem Science and Management Angela Clark

Bobbi Scovern

Joseph Harding
Entomology Ellen Johnson
Food Science Kim Ripka
Robert Lumley-Sapanski
Plant Pathology and Environmental Microbiology Diane Yoder Marianne Stevens
Plant Science Stacy Smith
Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences  
Ag Analytical Services Laboratory Jamie Klaue Sara Kellerman
Animal Diagnostic Laboratory Wendy Harter,
Business and Industry, Communications and Marketing Leslie Essy
Busing Services, Farm Operations Patricia Shaw
Creamery Susan Watson

Joyce Cingel

Sue Valimont
Veronica Brown

James Brown
Biglerville Dee Bailey
Rachel Unger
Erie Denise Rylance
Rachel Unger
Landisville Alyssa Collins
Rachel Unger
Penn State Extension, Office of International Programs, Administrative Services, Conferences and Short Courses, eLearning, Grants and Contracts, Human Resources, Information Technologies, Arboretum Mindy McMaster

Crystal Switalski

Erika Cauvel

Contact Penn State's Office of Human Resources for more information on Workers' Compensation.

University Park

The injured worker must be treated at Occupational Medicine.  If the injury results in an immediate medical emergency, initial medical assistance may be obtained from the nearest hospital. However, follow-up care must be from Occupational Medicine.

Occupational Medicine
Suite 310 Centre Medical Science Building
1850 East Park Avenue
State College, PA 16803
(814) 863-8492

Vehicle Accident Report

A Vehicle Accident Report must be submitted to the Risk Management Office for any accident involving a University vehicle, rental car, or if a personal vehicle is used on University business.  A report must be submitted to the Risk Management Office no matter how minor the accident or even if there was no damage at all.  The Driver is responsible for completing the form.  In case of serious injuries or undrivable vehicle, please call the Risk Management Office at 814-865-6307. If the accident is alleged to be the result of a "Hit and Run", the police must be contacted.

Driver must complete both sections of the Vehicle Accident Report, answering all questions, sign, and submit to Risk Management Office within 24 hours of the accident.

Incident Report

An Incident Report should be submitted to the Risk Management Office in the event of an incident or accident possibly resulting in damage to property or injury to students, visitors, and guests. This form is for incidents not falling under Workers’ Comp or Vehicle Accidents.

Property Loss Report

A Property Loss Report should be submitted in the event University Property is damaged due to fire, water, storm, electrical surge, or robbery/theft.  This form notifies the Risk Management Office that the University’s Property Insurer may need to be involved. All losses are subject to a $25,000 deductible. 

Risk Management Office Contact Information

Please direct questions and form submissions to the Risk Management Office.

Risk Management Office
The Pennsylvania State University
227 West Beaver Avenue
Suite 103 Rider Building
State College, PA 16801

Ph.  (814) 865-6307
Fax (814) 865-4029