Adding Extension Events to Plone

Posted: October 28, 2013

Beginning on November 4, to assure that Extension events are appearing correctly on the website, follow this updated procedure to add them to the appropriate program areas instead of the county sites.

Note: This change will not affect how events managed by Cvent are handled.

As many of you know, we modified the process for adding non-fee Extension events (events not using Cvent) to Plone as part of the Extension site information re-architecture.  Events related to a particular program area must now be added to that program's section of the website (e.g., dairy events, crops and soils events, or forest resources events).  Our goal is to make the visitor experience more consistent by allowing them to remain within the program sections when viewing events rather than being directed to various county sections (with the county navigation) for certain events. 

On November 4, events added to the county sites will no longer appear on the program "Upcoming Events" listings.  However, all events will still be displayed in the appropriate county "Upcoming Events" listings based on the "County" selected in the event.  Before this change is made, all upcoming events in county sites that are associated with a program will be moved to the appropriate program section so we don't lose any events.

For complete instructions on how/where to add Extension events, visit Plone: Working with Extension Events.

As noted in the link above, program events should be added to the appropriate program's "Upcoming Events" section.  Events that encompass multiple programs should be located in the most relevant program's site, and additional programs may be selected to allow the event to show up in multiple listings.  Only events that are not associated with a program should be added to the county "Upcoming Events" section (e.g., County Extension Annual Meeting), and these should be the exception rather than the rule.