Fall 2018 – Schreyer Honors Course

Posted: February 20, 2018

AG 297H. Inside the Agriculturists Field: From Local Issues to International Opportunities

Course Premise:  The Earth’s population will likely exceed 10 billion people in just a few decades, requiring an 80% increase in agricultural production. This presents an urgent need for the best agricultural minds to develop innovative solutions to emerging problems.  AG 297H - Inside the Agriculturists Field:  From Local Issues to International Opportunities is a 2 credit hour seminar/discussion interdisciplinary Schreyer Honors course offered in the Fall.  A weekly 2 hour session will feature invited eminent scientists and distinguished professors as they present their philosophies, passions, and principles in solving problems facing 21st century agriculture.

Instructor:  Dr. Dennis R. Decoteau

Credit:  2 credit/Fall Semester

Meeting Time and Location:  Tuesday 5 – 7 pm, 10 Tyson Building

Contact Information:  Dr. Dennis R. Decoteau, Professor of Horticulture and Plant Ecosystem Health, Department of Plant Science, 18 Tyson Building, Penn State University,  814-865-5587, .