Madison Berger

Hi, my name is Madison Berger and I am the  Pre-Vet Club Treasure. I am currently a third-year student majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences with a minor in Poultry and Avian Science. I am from a little town known as White, PA which is about an hour south east of Pittsburgh. When I'm home I work at a local diner as a waitress and am a Veterinary Assistant at a small animal clinic. Here at Penn State I am also involved with the Poultry Science Club and play on the Women's Club Handball Team, respectively serving as the club’s Public Relations Chair and team’s Treasurer. As far as career goals, I always wanted to work in mixed animal practice but in the last few semesters here at Penn State have been leaning towards working in the Poultry Industry doing veterinary work regarding genetics and vaccines, and just overall animal health. Lastly, a fun fact about me is that I have a 7 month old beagle puppy named Dumper and like to hunt and bake in my spare time. If you have any questions regarding the club or anything pre-vet related please feel free to send me an email!