Jill Henok

Hey y’all! My name is Jillian Henok and I am your current fundraising chair. I am from Perry County, PA also known as PECO, which is how I love to refer to it. I am currently majoring in veterinary and biomedical sciences and I have two minors: equine science and sociology. My overall career goal is to become a veterinarian practicing down south in the large animal sector. However, I do have a passion to perform physical therapy on animals and maybe one day have a clinic for them! I do also love to learn about genetics and exotics, so maybe there is a future somewhere in those. A fun fact about me is that over this passing summer I was diagnosed with allergies to cats and dogs, which was quite ironic, but apparently a bunch of vets are under treatment for the same thing as me. The first photo is me at the San Antonio Zoo and the second photo is me at the Indiana game with an injured bee.

Email: jrh6455@psu.edu