Nicole Devlin & Madison Berger

Nicole Devlin

My name is Nicole Devlin, and I am a freshman majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Science. I am one of the Co-chairs for the Pre-Vet Symposium this year, which means I will help plan and organize this event for high school students. I am from Ringwood, New Jersey, a town in northern New Jersey about 45 minutes from the New York City. I am also involved in Hershey Kisses and CHAPS. I am excited and ready to make this year's Pre-Vet Symposium a success!

Madison Berger

Hi, my name is Madison Berger and I am excited to be one of the 2019-2020 Pre-Vet Symposium Co-Chairs! As one of the Pre-Vet Symposium Co-Chairs I will help organize the symposium for high school students. I am currently a freshman majoring in Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences. I have not decided on a minor yet but it will most likely be animal science or poultry science. I am from a little town known as White, PA which is about an hour south east of Pittsburgh. I have 2 cats, a corgi, and many dairy goats and chickens. When I'm home I work at a local diner as a waitress, volunteer at a farm animal shelter, and shadow a small animal veterinarian. This summer while shadowing I got to watch many interesting surgeries, including a golden retriever c-section. Lastly, here at Penn State I am involved with the Pre-Vet Club, Poultry Science Club, and play on the Women's Handball Team. If anyone has any questions regarding the Pre-Vet Symposium feel free to send me an email.