Stephanie Vera Carreon & Madeline Yuhasz-Ag

Stephanie Vera Carreon

My name is Stephanie Vera Carreon and I am the Ag Student Council Co-Chair for PVC. I’m a third year student majoring in Animal Science - Science Option. I am from Queens, New York. One day, I hope to work in either Emergency Medicine or becoming a Veterinary Zoo Pathologist. A fun fact about myself is I am currently working at Central Pennsylvania Veterinary Emergency Treatment Services or also known as CPVets.


Madeline Yuhasz-Ag

Hey guys my name is Maddie and I am currently a 3rd year studying Veterinary and BIomedical Sciences and minoring in Marine Sciences. I grew up 6.5 hours north of here in my hometown of Saratoga Springs NY. While I have experience working with a variety of animals I enjoy working with horses specifically focusing on the surgical side of veterinary medicine. In my spare time I volunteer at Centre County PAWS, as well as on the board for Ag Student Council, and a taekwondo coach! A fun fact about me is that I love to hike and I am currently working on achieving my high peaks status!