The Pennsylvania State University Pre-Veterinary Club

Date of Origin: 1928

I. Purpose


A.The purpose of the Pennsylvania State University Pre-Veterinary Club is multi-functional. It serves to inform members of career options within the animal science and veterinary medicine fields, provide further insight into current veterinary issues, supply members with information concerning veterinary school admission procedures, and facilitate interactions between students possessing similar interests and goals.


II. Membership

A.At all times, the majority (50%+1) of all members shall be full time, officially registered undergraduate students at University Park.

B. The membership shall be divided into active members, officer-eligible active members, and associate members.

i. Only currently registered, dues paying students are eligible for active membership.

ii.The executive committee shall annually define an officer-eligible active member based on the amount of meetings, fundraisers, and activities that have occurred during the fall and spring semester.

iii. Only officer-eligible active members may run for an elected position.

iv. The requirements for officer-eligible active membership must be presented to the general membership prior to officer nominations and elections.

v.All others interested in furthering the purpose of the Pre-Vet Club shall be associate members. Associate members may not hold office, vote, preside, officiate, or solicit funds on behalf of the organization.

C. At all times there shall be 10 active student members.

D. New Membership and Recruitment

i. Any and all new members will be given full disclosure of club documents.

ii. All members, including but not limited to new members and recruits, reserve the right to refrain from participating in any activities without consequence, based upon personal/religious beliefs, personal values, or moral reserve as defined by the member.

iii.Any and all interaction/activity between members and/or new members will be limited to guidelines stated by university policy, as well as local, state, and federal laws.


III. Officers

B. Only full-time, officially registered, officer-eligible active members shall be permitted to serve as appointed or elected officers. Limitations are subject to Office of Student Activities approval.

C. Offices

i. President

a. It shall be the duty of the president to preside over all meetings.

b.  The president is responsible for the appointment and/or removal of the chairmen and membership of all committees.

c. The president serves as chair of the executive committee.

d.The president is responsible for the position of the club within the university society and should perform all duties in such a manner as to maintain the club in the highest esteem.

e.The president’s attendance at all general and executive meetings is mandatory.

f. Elected officer shall remain in office for approximately one year, until new officers are elected the following spring.


a. The vice-president is charged with the procurement of speakers and other special programming incident to the regular general membership meetings.

b.The vice-presidential responsibilities include all the presidential duties during the absence of the president.

c.The vice-president’s attendance at all general and executive meetings is mandatory.

d. Elected officer shall remain in office for approximately one year, until new officers are elected the following spring.

iii. Secretary

a. The secretary’s responsibilities include maintaining all the written records of the club, including the minutes of the regular meetings and the executive committee meetings. Minutes may be made available to the general membership through an alternative form of communication.

b. The secretary’s duties also include designing and updating the club display case, designing and updating the club display board, and sending out thank-you cards to speakers and individuals deemed necessary by the Executive Committee.

c. The secretary’s attendance at all general and executive meetings is mandatory. 

d. Elected officer shall remain in office for approximately one year, until new officers are elected the following spring.

iv. Treasurer

a. The treasurer’s duties shall include receiving all club funds, keeping full and accurate account of these funds and depositing all money into the account at the Associated Student Activities office, room 240 Hetzel Union Building.  This elected official also corresponds with the Associated Student Activities personnel on the club’s behalf.

b. Incoming club funds include dues, profits from fund-raisers and club activity fees.  Club expenses include APVMA national membership dues, travel fees, copying fees, and club activities.

c. The treasurer shall be required to present the account balance and all transactions made at each general meeting.  This individual must disburse allocated funds to the APVMA annually to maintain national membership.  The treasurer must also arrange transportation to club functions that require working with University Fleet Operations. 

d. The treasurer’s attendance at all general and executive meetings is mandatory. 

e. Elected officer shall remain in office for approximately one year, until new officers are elected the following spring.


v. Membership Chair

a. The membership chair will maintain a record of the names and email addresses of all members.

b. The membership chair will notify all members of regularly scheduled and special meetings. Notification of general meetings should be provided at least one week in advance. In the case of special meetings, notification may be made via a proper form of communication.

c. The membership chair shall keep attendance records of all club activities. It is the duty of the membership chair to determine the eligibility of candidates to run for and hold office.

d. The membership chair’s attendance at all general and executive meetings is mandatory. 

e. Elected officer shall remain in office for approximately one year, until new officers are elected the following spring.


vi. Ag Student Council Representatives

a. The Agricultural Student Council representatives are elected to insure that the Pre-Vet Club is represented at all Student Council meetings. 

b. The duties include presenting regular updates of Ag Student Council meetings at general Pre-Vet Club meetings in order to inform members about upcoming activities and issues affecting the College of Agriculture.

c. In the event that this person can not attend a meeting, an alternate member may be selected to attend. 

d. The Ag Student Council representative’s attendance to all general and executive meetings is mandatory. 

e. Elected officer shall remain in office for approximately one year, until new officers are elected the following spring.


vii. Fundraising Chair(s)

a. No more than two (2) members will be elected as fundraising chairs.

b. The chairs are responsible for organizing all events that generate revenue for the club or for charitable donations. These include any clothing orders, calendar sales, or university-related fundraising opportunities.

viii. American Pre-Veterinary Medical Association Symposium Chair

a. An APVMA Symposium chair will be selected to coordinate club participation in the annual APVMA symposium held every spring.

b.  The responsibilities include arranging transportation to the symposium site, completing the registration form, and fulfilling any additional details surrounding the trip. 

c. The chair shall assist participants in organizing a presentation for the general membership detailing the trip.


ix. Additional Chairs

a. The President, with the permission of the executive committee, may create additional chair positions as he/she sees fit.

b. The purpose of these additional chairs will reflect the demands and activities of the current school year.

c. These positions may be elected at the beginning of the fall semester.

C. Committees

i. Executive Committee

a. The executive committee will consist of all elected officers and the faculty advisor(s).

b. The president shall act as head of the executive committee. 

c. This committee’s responsibilities include organizing club activities and presiding over all club business. 

d.It shall also set the general meeting schedule at the beginning of each semester.

ii. Special Committees

a.  The executive board may appoint special committees at its discretion.  These committees will be responsible for assigned tasks and presenting needed information at general meetings.


D. Filling unexpired vacancies: 

i. Any vacancy occurring in an elective office due to resignation, removal or any other cause shall be filled by election for the remainder of the term. 

ii. In the case of removal or resignation of the president, the vice-president will assume the office of the president and an election shall be held to replace the vice-president.

iii.Nominations are taken at the first meeting following the vacancy. Elections occur at the following meeting.

iv. The quorum is fifty percent of the active membership.

v. The majority required to elect a new officer is fifty percent plus one of the active membership present at a meeting. If 50%+1 is not obtained by one of the candidates, the candidate receiving the lowest number of votes is eliminated, and the active members will vote again. In the event that 50%+1 of the active membership cannot be obtained by anyone, the voting will be postponed until the next meeting.

vi. When nominations are being taken to fill unexpired terms, any member of the organization may nominate another member of the organization, by simply raising his/her hand and indicating such when recognized.


E. Any officer who willfully obstructs the work of the organization can be impeached by a two-thirds vote of the active membership.


IV. Meetings


B. Regular meetings of the club membership will be held bi-monthly, on alternating weeks.

C. The specific dates and meeting place will be determined by the executive committee. The President, with consent of the Vice President, may alter meetings should he/she see fit.

D. Adequate advanced notice must be given to all active members. The tentative meeting schedule shall be announced at the beginning of each semester and posted in the club display case, located in the lobby of W.L. Henning Building.

E. The executive committee shall meet on the alternate weeks of club meetings.  The president is responsible for planning, scheduling and notifying involved parties about such meetings.

F. Special meetings, such as preparatory meetings for large events or certain guest lecturers, may be scheduled at the executive committee’s discretion. It falls within the executive committee’s responsibility to notify the general membership of such meetings.

V. Voting

B. Only active members are eligible to vote on business matters presented to the club and in each election.

C. Quorum for all voting shall be 50% of the active membership.

D. A simple majority (50%+1) shall be necessary for all voting. This majority shall be derived from the active members present.

E. Voting may occur either verbally or through secret, written ballot.  In the case of a tie, a presidential vote shall decide the issue.

F. Special meetings, such as preparatory meetings for large events or certain guest lecturers, may be scheduled at the executive committee’s discretion.  It falls within the executive committee’s responsibility to notify the general membership of such meetings.

VI. Finances

B. All funds are to be deposited ad handled through the Associated Student Activities (ASA) in 240 HUB.

C. The organization will not have an off-campus account(s).

D. Fund disbursement may not be made except by approval of the president or by a majority vote (50%+1) of the bona fide membership. 

E.  Account shall be current at all-times and a full financial report shall be available upon demand of any club member.

F. This organization shall collect dues that will not be excessive.

G. The Treasurer, with consent of the Executive Committee, will determine dues prior to the fall semester.

H. Dues are a condition of membership. Nonpayment of dues shall not prohibit attendance at the regular meetings. Nonpayment of dues shall prohibit voting privileges.

I. Dues shall be collected during the first three meeting of each semester or by arranging an appointment with the treasurer.


VII. Elections

B. Member Eligibility to Hold Office

i. Any member who has achieved officer-eligible active member status for two consecutive semesters is eligible to run for and hold an office within the organization. 

ii. Members must be enrolled as a full time student (at least 12 credits per semester) at Penn State University. 

iii. The membership chair must determine eligibility and distribute a list of eligible members at least one meeting prior to nominations.

C. Nominations

i. Nominations will be taken from the floor at the meeting prior to the election meeting and also the night of elections. 

ii. Individuals may decline the nomination. 

iii. All nominations must be seconded by another member.

D. Election Meetings

i. Elections will be held at the second to last general business meeting of the spring semester. 

ii. Nominations will be held at the general business meeting previous. 

iii. Special committee chairs may be elected at the beginning of the fall semester.

E. Speeches

i. Speeches shall be presented prior to voting. 

ii. Nominated individuals will talk about their qualifications for the desired office.

F. Secret Ballot

i. Election voting shall be conducted by secret ballot. 

ii. A member of the executive committee not running for office shall be responsible for tallying the votes and announcing the decisions.

G. The retiring officers will preside at the election and continue in their duties until the new officers are installed into office at the following meeting.  The retiring officers shall assist the new officers for the remainder of the academic year.


VIII. Amendments to the Constitution 

B. Any member may introduce a constitutional amendment at the conclusion of a     meeting.  At the following meeting, the active members shall vote on the amendments as outlined in the article of voting.

C. Amendments require a quorum of 50 percent and a majority vote (50%+1).

D. All amendments are subject to the approval of the Office of Student Activities.

IX. Parliamentary Authority

B. Robert’s Rules of Order, Newly Revised, by Sarah Corbin Roberts shall be used in all cases not covered by this constitution.

X. Accessibility of this Constitution

B. Copies of this constitution shall be made available to anyone upon request.

XI. Advisor(s)

B. This organization will retain an advisor(s).

C. The advisor(s) will be appointed by the Head of the Veterinary and Biomedical Sciences Department.


Proposed Amendment 4/27/2016


To be considered an active general member, one must fulfill each of the following requirements:

·         Pay dues by the assigned deadline as decide by the Treasurer

·         Attend two-thirds of all general club meetings

·         Must attend 50% volunteer events per year

·         Must show proof of participating and/or attending two club fundraisers

·         Must attend at least one professional development event (APVMA Symposium, Vet-School Trip, Kaplan Lecture, additional vet school representative lecture…etc)


Members of the Executive board retain the authority to categorize attendance and participation in specific events under the requirements for being an active general member.


Members of the Executive board are required to fulfill all requirements of an active general member.


Active members are eligible for the following rewards:

·         Selection for the Kaplan Scholarship

·         General membership Kaplan discount

·         Voting in Spring elections

·         Use of Pre-Vet Club on resumes, applications and other reference material


Accumulation of a total of negative three membership points throughout the year will disqualify an active general membership