The AEC and its partners support green infrastructure to restore streams and manage stormwater in the Lower Susquehanna region.


Greening the Lower Susquehanna

With initial funding from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation, Greening the Lower Susquehanna seeks to engage partners and citizens to accelerate the implementation of green infrastructure to restore local streams and manage runoff.

Native plant practices like riparian buffers and rain gardens are among the most effective practices to improve water quality and have many other benefits.

Our program provides free trees to landowners interested in establishing backyard buffers or reforestation. We also coordinate the “Greening the Lower Susquehanna" volunteer conservation corps, a group of hundreds of dedicated volunteers who help plant and maintain riparian buffers, rain gardens, and native meadows, clean up streams, and rescue seedlings for future plantings.

To learn more about our work and join the corps that is “Greening the Lower Susquehanna," email