Change of Campus - From University Park to a Commonwealth Campus

Students enrolled at University Park who wish to change their campus assignment to a Commonwealth campus should do the following:

  1.  Speak to your University Park academic adviser.
    Meet with your academic adviser to review your academic plans.  You should be certain that you can access needed courses at the chosen campus, and that you will continue to make progress toward degree completion. 
  2.  Determine whether you will need to return to University Park to complete your degree.
    Students who begin their studies at University Park sometimes decide that it is in their best interest to complete their first two years at a Commonwealth campus.  Remember that all Agricultural Sciences baccalaureate degrees must be completed at University Park.  Associate degrees can be completed at select campuses.  Discuss with your adviser the semester in which you will likely make the transition back to University Park.  If you have completed the majority of your major field courses and decide to complete remaining general requirements at a Commonwealth campus, it may not be necessary to return to University Park prior to graduation.  This should be determined by a thorough review of your degree audit by both you and your academic adviser.
  3. Complete the necessary form in 101 Agricultural Administration Building.

Stop by 101 Agricultural Administration Building for assistance in completing the form to request a change of campus.  You will be notified via your LionPATH account when the process is complete.