PERRY COUNTY: Community Supported Agriculture (Whole Diet), Mob Grazing

Everything is exactly how it is should be at a farm named Yeehaw - animals, people and plants existing in their natural state of exuberant (unique) complexity. Four Radel children are the fourth generation to live on the farm, located in Perry County, Pennsylvania, where three generations of farmers grow meat, dairy, grains, vegetables and field crops. The way food is grown reflects the nature of a farm where so many different people work, live and play together: there's a bit of everything. Judi and Tom Radel transitioned 160 acres historically farmed conventionally by Judi's family, to a growing system based in organic practices and mob grazing. Self-sufficiency and sustaining natural resources defines Yeehaw farm practices that include hand-milking Jersey cows, as well as sheep and goats, and raising Hereford beef cows and heritage pigs on pasture. Chickens, geese and turkeys wander pastures and ponds freely. During the growing season fields wave with hay, straw, corn, oats, barley, buckwheat and heritage wheat. Rows of vegetables add to the seasonal offerings.

Yeehaw farm is a source of sustenance not only for the family, but nearby communities. Eaters can purchase farm goods through a Whole Diet CSA, meat CSA, a farm stand located on the farm property and three farmer's markets in the Perry County area. A member of WAgN since 2008, Judi has fostered learning opportunities for other women farmers by hosting field days and workshops on mob grazing and natural approaches to growing food.

For more information on the food, the farmers and the how to put some "yee" in your "haw" visit the farm website:

Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network


302 Armsby Building
University Park, PA 16802