Mission is to build a collaborative network of diverse urban and rural women growers and food advocates to improve mutual sustainability, justice and access to healthy food across Pennsylvania communities.

Women leading in creating equitable, just and sustainable food
systems across all communities.
Three years from now, we will have in place:
1.Women's Rural-Urban Network in existence and functioning!
2. Education/Technical Assistance/Capacity-Building Programs in place
3. Functioning Communication & Networking Strategy
4. Sustainability Plan for WRUN (beyond the grant)
Five-Points (Guiding Principles)
We believe:
1.Everyone deserves access to nutritious, clean food.
2.Farmers/growers deserve to make a living.
3. Historic and current mechanisms of oppression in our society must be
identified and eliminated.
4. A more just and equitable society can be built upon open
cooperation, communication, understanding, respect and mutual support.
5. Equitable economies allow all people to thrive.

Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network


302 Armsby Building
University Park, PA 16802