PA-WAgN mentors have presented on-line educational events we call Farminars for the past few years. Archived farminars are available to watched at your convenience.

2019 Farminars

The Art of Negotiating: Getting What you Need, 10/30.19

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Thrive Farminar


2017 Farminars

Watch Moie Crawford's farminar on getting ready for market.

This webinar is being re-recorded, check back after May 15th for new version.

2015 Farminars

Watch Lyn Garling's Farminar: Growing & Marketing Broilers & Turkeys


Watch Hannah Reiff's Farminar: Challenges in Urban Farming

Watch Catherine Renzi's Farminar: Connecting Landscapes to Foodscapes

2014 Farminars

Diversify Your Farm:Sharing Your Land with Neighbor and Trial Farmers: An Agricultural Incubator

2013 Farminars

Value-Added Goat Dairying

Education as a Value-Added Farm Enterprise

Urban Farming at Joshua Farm

Transitioning to Mob Grazing

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