Specialty Mentorship Topic Resources

Online and print resources related to the five topical areas included in PA-WAgN's Specialty Mentorship Program

Fruits and Vegetables

Spotted Wing Drosophila, Overview and Identification Part 1; Monitoring Part 3,  and Management Part 4


Holistic Management: A New Framework for Decision Making, Allan Savory & Jody Butterfield, Island Press
  • Poisonous Plants of Pennsylvania, by Robert J. Hill and Donna Folland, 1986 Edition, Pennsylvania Department of Agriculture, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania.
  • Pasture Management on Organic Dairy Farms: Managing for Pasture Plant Health, Sarah Flack

Dairy and Cheese

Urban Agriculture and Nutrition

Links to websites and printed material covering topics on Urban Agriculture and Nutrition recommended by Kirsten Reinford, PA-WAgN Specialty Mentor in the area of Urban Agriculture and Nutrition. Kirsten farms at Joshua Farm in Harrisburg, PA. Find more resources recommended by Kirsten at the farm's website


Websites & Online Resources

  • Capital District Community Garden: A non-profit organization focused on  reducing "the impact of poor nutrition on public health in New York’s Capital Region by organizing community gardens, providing healthy food access"

Books & Magazines


Websites & Online Resources 

On-farm Education and Value-Added Products


Books & Magazines