Meet the people involved in PA-WAgN leadership roles and learn more about the work we do with women farmers throughout Pennsylvania


Patty Neiner, PA-WAgN Program Manager,

Maria Gorgo-Gourovitch, PA-WAgN Program Support & Penn State Extension Educator,

Molly Berntsen, PA-WAgN Program Support & Penn State Extension Education Specialist,

Dorothy Ann Cross (Buttz), PA-WAgN Program Support & Urban Ag Coordinator for Penn State Extension,

Research Group

Carolyn Sachs, Ph.D.Professor Emerita of Rural Sociology,

Kathryn J. Brasier, Ph.D., Professor of Rural Sociology, Director of Graduate Studies, 

Kathleen Sexsmith, Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Rural Sociology, 

Mary Barbercheck, Ph.D.Professor of Entomology, 

Michaela HoffelmeyerMS Rural Sociology, 

Steering Committee

Abigail Appleman- PA NRCS, Family Farm

Gay Rogers- Hameau Farm

Hanna Mosca- Grow Pittsburgh

Jen Schneidman Partica- Bucknell Farm and Garden 

Jessica Lang- Rodale Institute

Lauren Smith

LaVerne Baker Hotep- Women for a Healthy Environment, Numerology for Enlightened Living

Lyn Garling- Over the Moon Farm

Marian Dalke

Maryann Frazier- Penn State Extension

Noelle Warford- Urban Tree Connection

Nykisha Madison-Keita- Urban Tree Connection

Rachel de Vitry- Kitchen Table Consultants

Raqueeb Bey- Black Urban Gardeners and Farmers of Pittsburgh Co-op

Sabine Carey- Pennsylvania Certified Organic, Full Circle Farms

Selina Pedi- Blueprint Initiative

Susan Parry- PA NRCS

Terri Fetteroff- Dundee Farm

Tracie Haynes- Oberlin Underground Railroad Society

Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network


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University Park, PA 16802