• eXtension: an interactive learning environment delivering the best, most researched knowledge from the best land-grant university minds across America
  • Start2Farm: a Curriculum and Training Clearinghouse for new and beginning farmers
  • Start Farming: Penn State Extension educators launched the Start Farming Program in 2009, responding to increasing interest in farm start-up businesses from community members. The Program aims to enhance the success of beginning farmers by providing education and hands-on training in: production, marketing, financial management, land acquisition, and other resource acquisition.
  • Beginning Farmers: a comprehensive compilation of information resources on farm financing, finding land, business planning, agricultural production and marketing, and much more.
  • Cornell Small Farms: small farms-focused research and extension programs
  • New England Small Farms: offers extensive resource collection; produce publications; innovative, farmer-guided programs; all that support policies that encourage sustainable small-scale agriculture.
  • The Greenhorns: is a grassroots organization focusing on new farmers. They provide a wide range of resources, educational events, innovative ideas and networking opportunities.
  • Veteran and Beginning Farmer Program: a program from USDA Natural Resource Conservation Service.

Pennsylvania Women's Agricultural Network


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