CLARION COUNTY: Vegetable production, Seedlings, Garden Starters

Maggie Robertson, along with her husband, Mik, started their farm in western Pennsylvania in 1999. They have grown vegetables for farmers' markets, cooperatives, and CSA. Most recently, the Robertsons started a new farming business model where they sell garden packages that include seedlings and seeds as well as tools, a gardening book, and a cookbook. This new venture is still getting off the ground, and the Robertsons will be working on new ways to market the garden packages.

The Robertson's farm is 95 acres, a large portion of which is pasture where a neighbor grazes cattle. They farm a smaller portion of their land and just invested in a 21' X 96' greenhouse built in the spring of 2011. Their original idea was to run hot water underneath the tables in the greenhouse, but the cost of pipes was too expensive so they use heated air instead. Maggie and Mik were able to get free gas from the gas well on their land. Maggie said that their neighbor who is the gas driller helped them put in a gas line to the greenhouse for heat.

At one end of the greenhouse a 1500 gallon water tank is filled with well water. Maggie uses this to water the plants and also has a mister system attached to the water tank. She says eventually they would like to collect rainwater to fill the water tank.

Ultimately, Maggie hopes to promote gardening, fresh food, and local connections by selling the garden packages which also include support throughout the growing season through the farm website Maggie also sits on the PA WAgN steering committee and is a PA WAgN regional representative.

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