MIFFLIN COUNTY: Farmer's Markets, Farm Structures, Marketing

Paula and Jake Fisher operate Fisher Farmstead in McClure, PA. The Fishers raise a variety of vegetables, fruits and mums on their farm and on rented land. They also raise dairy heifers, layer hens and beef. Paula and Jake began farming by raising pumpkins for eleven years, and they now have two high tunnels where they raise peppers, tomatoes, cucumbers and onions.

The newest venture for Paula and Jake is the opening of a Farm Store along Route 522 N in McClure. The Fishers purchased an unfinished building in 2010 and along with friend Grant Stufft, have completed the building to hold a 24 x 30 foot showroom on the upper floor. The bottom floor was turned into a commercial kitchen with a bakery. Paula plans to have fresh baked goods at the market daily. They will also be producing their own sausages for sale at the market along with their beef, which will be USDA slaughtered.

The goal of the market is to focus on fresh local produce and other products. The store will carry the Fishers' produce as well as some from other local growers, baked goods, meat, mums, bedding plants, honey and any other local products they can source.

Paula (who is in a wheel chair) is the marketing powerhouse of the pair. She has been going to the Tri-Valley Farmers Market in Lewistown and will be adding the Rec Park Farmers Market to her agenda. She sets up her stand in other locations as available. Jake is a self-proclaimed workaholic. He has a day job for Sire-Power but can be found out in the fields the rest of the time. Paula and Jake know how to network and have drawn on the help of many neighbors and friends to build their operation and to get the new Farm Store open.

For more information about Fisher Farm, visit: https://sites.google.com/site/thefisherfarmstead/Home

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