ALLEGHENY COUNTY - Community Supported Farming: Using Your Farm as a Farm Incubator or Cooperative Farming Site

Dundee Sheep Farm is located in the urban neighborhood of Sewickley Heights, north of Pittsburgh. The farms in this area were usually summer residences for wealthy Pittsburgh business folks in days past. Terri Fetterolf and her husband Scott purchased this farm in 2002 from Nancy Chalfont. The Chalfonts once raised animals here and Terri has brought the farming back to the land. Dundee Farm is 27 acres of rolling pastures and woods. Half the farm is divided into nine pastures for the registered Jacob, Moorits and Natural Colored Corriedale sheep. Terri is the shepherdess of the herd with help from her Great Pyrennes Sheep Dogs. The sheep are raised for wool and lamb. Products are available from the farm or through their website. In addition, Terri works with a group of local seminarians who intern on the farm. Others have approached her about enterprises that would expand the farm's diversity such as bees from Burgh bees, goats, wheat grass and other produce for a local juicery. This has led Terri into developing a cooperative farming incubator program on the farm. She is working to make her farm where other farmers can get the support they need and share resources. As the steward of Dundee Sheep Farm, Terri is dedicated to chemical-free production. She has provided educational events for various groups in the area and is passionate about giving back to her community.

Terri and Scott have five children.

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