I Remember Ag Progress Days: an Oral History Project

Something Old, Something New for Visitors during Virtual APD 2020, Part ONE. The Pasto Agricultural Museum presents oral histories and cutting edge research tours during Ag Progress Days 2020

"The most wonderful part of the project—collecting interviews, editing video clips, and publishing stories—has been to see how each person has a unique perspective of the event we know as Ag Progress Days." says Rita Graef, Curator of the Museum. 

See the trailer for our this first series here.

This initiative started under work-from-home orders imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic. Our volunteers could not participate in person at the Museum since mid-March, as they usually do a few times each week. Meeting periodically via ZOOM the group developed an outline of the project as each person shared a different and unique story about their own involvement in the earliest Ag Progress Days. One story-teller served as chair of the committee that eventually decided to hold the event at Rock Spring on a permanent basis. Another recalls milking cows on the site when it was an active dairy farm, before being sold to Penn State for agricultural research land. Several other stories have been captured, and we are continuing to record additional interviews for this first series of the project. See and hear all of them here.

If you have stories to share, do so via social media: #agprogressdays @pastoagmuseum, or email the Museum at pastoagmuseum@psu.edu.

Be sure to check out Ag Progress Days, "I Remember Ag Progress Days: Oral History Project," and Research TOURS of the Russell E. Larson Agricultural Research Center.