Center For Nutrient Solutions

The Center for Integrated Multi-Scale Nutrient Pollution Solutions (Center for Nutrient Solutions or CNS for short), is one of four centers funded under the EPA STAR program establishing “national centers for innovative and sustainable water research, incorporating a systems view of nutrient management. Institutions collaborating with Penn State are the University of Maryland Eastern Shore and the USDA Agricultural Research Service.

CNS is establishing an innovative and integrative process to identify optimal locations for nutrient interventions (tactics and strategies) within watersheds combined with an explicit stakeholder engagement process.  We will find optimal solutions to reduce nutrient pollution by understanding the sources and flowpaths of nutrients that impact water quality and ecosystem function and how individual management practices (both strategies at landscape and watershed scales and tactics and individual farm and facilities) integrate and aggregate from field to watershed scales.

We will develop a suite of decision support tools to help watershed stakeholders explore these issues and test various intervention scenarios to achieve nutrient balance.  Stakeholders will be participatory in the project as the research proceeds, tools are developed, and scenarios are explored.  A Community Partners Council, composed of 15 representatives of diverse stakeholders involved in nutrient issues across Pennsylvania and the Chesapeake Bay region, will meet regularly with the research team leaders to provide advice and guidance. 

The AEC will lead outreach and engagement of watershed partners in the initial test watershed communities of Conewago Creek (PA), Mahantango Creek (PA), Spring Creek (PA), and Manokin River (MD), as well as other geographies in future phases of the research.

More Information

To learn more about the Center for Nutrient Solutions, visit the center’s website.

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