There are many people we wish to thank for helping to make this guide and video series possible!

Created by the Little Conestoga Partnership, the Lower Susquehanna Initiative, and the Conewago Creek Initiative. In Association with the Penn State Agriculture and Environment Center.

Printed Guide

The development of this guide would not have been possible without financial support from the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation through a Chesapeake Stewardship Fund grant to the Conservation Foundation of Lancaster County, and the additional support of the Little Conestoga Partnership, including:

Special thanks to the drafting team: Kristen Kyler, Jessica Moldofsky, AnneLiese Nachman, and Matt Royer, Penn State; Mary Gattis and Melissa Kelly, Lancaster County Planning Commission; Matt Kofroth, Lancaster County Conservation District; Donna Morelli, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay; and Gregg Robertson, Pennsylvania Landscape & Nursery Association.

Also, thanks to the following individuals for reviewing drafts of the document and providing comments: Kend Gardner, Lancaster County Clean Water Consortium; Kara Kalupson, Lancaster County Conservation District; Joe Kelly, Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection; Mike Kyle, Lancaster Area Sewer Authority; Tom Schueler, Chesapeake Stormwater Network; Drew Siglin and Jacob Baukman, Alliance for the Chesapeake Bay.

Printed by Cooper Printing.

Video Series

Funded by

The Penn State Environment and Natural Resources Institute and the National Fish and Wildlife Foundation.


Kristen Kyler, Lower Susquehanna Initiative, Narrator

Bill Eble, Little Conestoga Watershed Homeowner

Rachel Pifer, Joel Blunk, Mitchell Ellero, and Anna Marie Nachman.


Matt Royer, Penn State Ag and Environment Center, Executive Director.

Diane Espy, Penn State Public Broadcasting, Production Assistant.

Trace Brown, Library Media Specialist, Production Assistant.

Kristen Kyler, Conewago Initiative, Script Consultant.

Jim Shortle, Penn State ENRI, Script Consultant.

Kristen Saacke Blunk, Headwaters LLC, Videographer.

AnneLiese Nachman, Penn State Ag and Environment Center, Writer, Producer, Videographer, and Editor.


Clay Blunk, "Kim Jam 1" "Kim Jam 4" Kim Jam 5"

Many Thanks to Bill Ebel and Family, Joel Blunk and Family, and Penn State Media Tech.