Agricultural Systems Management Minor

Hands-on agricultural know-how.

The Agricultural Systems Management minor centers on the mechanical, structural, natural resource processing, and electronic technologies used in modern agriculture, with a constant eye toward sustainability. Students develop a mastery of combustion engine, fluid power systems, soil and water, building structures, irrigation systems, and food processing techniques.

Career paths: skilled in the materials and technologies for today and tomorrow.

A minor in Agricultural Systems Management helps prepare students for careers in agribusiness management, equipment sales, food distribution, and farm design and management. A working knowledge of the materials and technologies used in modern agriculture provides an excellent foundation for careers on the frontlines of the globalized agriculture industry.

An Agricultural Systems Management minor is a great option if you:

  • are pursuing an engineering or engineering technology major and are interested in its applications to agriculture, food, and/or the environment
  • want to take application-focused classes with interactive labs and hands-on learning opportunities
  • are interested in solving problems related to fundamental societal needs, like food scarcity, water conservation, and renewable energy
  • are passionate about sustainability and technology


For details on program requirements, suggested academic plan, and more, see the University Bulletin.

Sample additional courses

  • Combustion Engines for Mobile Equipment
  • Electric Power and Instrumentation
  • Energy Analysis in Biorenewable Systems
  • Engineering Principles of Biorenewable Systems
  • Golf Course Irrigation and Drainage
  • Power Transmission in Agriculture
  • Principles of Off-Road Machines
  • Safety and Health in Agriculture and Biorenewable Industries
  • Selection and Management of Agricultural Machinery
  • Soil and Water Resource Management

Get started.

Discuss enrollment in the Agricultural Systems Management minor by contacting with the undergraduate program coordinator, Dr. Jude Liu.

Ag systems management students and professor taking a close look at a New Holland tractor.
A Penn State agricultural systems students in the lab.
Students and professor examining mechanical parts.

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