Entrepreneurship and Innovation: Food and Bio-Innovation

Feed your mind for the future.

Combine your appetites for innovation, problem solving, and sustainable food in this one-of-a-kind course of study.

The Entrepreneurship and Innovation minor draws from talented minds across the University in pursuit of what’s new, untapped, and beneficial to all. It’s an approach to improving our food supply that views traditional challenges—like food quality, labor, new material, and sustainability—as limitless opportunities.

Career paths: discover what’s on tomorrow’s plate.

Food and Bio-Innovation gives you the tools to develop a career as an innovator in the agriculture and life sciences industry. Make your own opportunities in the food supply, health, and sustainability sectors.

A Food and Bio-Innovation minor is a great option if you:

  • are passionate about the sustainable use of natural resources to meet the material and energy needs of society
  • have a strong entrepreneurial mindset and are ready to build your network in the food and energy industries
  • want to build a career that demands ingenuity to solve complex problems


For details on program requirements, suggested academic plan, and more, see the University Bulletin.

Required courses

  • Effective Speech
  • Introductory Microeconomic Analysis and Policy
  • Principles of Economics

Sample additional courses

  • Agribusiness in the Global Economy
  • Animal Products Technology
  • Community, Local Knowledge, and Democracy
  • Financial Decision Making for Agribusiness
  • Food Laws and Regulations 
  • Food Product Innovation Management
  • Food Product Marketing
  • Forest and Conservation Economics
  • Global Change and Ecosystems
  • Improving Food Quality
  • Interpersonal Skills for Tomorrow’s Leaders
  • Introduction to Agricultural Business Management
  • Introductory Food Science
  • Landscape Contracting Design/Build Principles
  • Legal Aspects of Resource Management
  • Managing Food Quality
  • Managing the Food System
  • Poultry Production and Management
  • Resource Systems Analysis
  • Rural Organization
  • Strategic Decision Making in Agribusiness
  • Unit Operations in Food Processing
  • Value Determination of Meat Animals
  • Wood Industries Marketing Management

Get started.

Apply for admission to the Food and Bio-Innovation minor by consulting with the undergraduate program coordinator, Dr. Mark A. Gagnon.