Animal Science Minor

All things animal.

The Animal Science minor gives students a solid footing in the various disciplines of animal health and animal-related industries. Study areas include animal biology, nutrition, behavior, and the business of animal production. Adding an Animal Science minor to your Penn State experience gives unique richness and depth to any course of study.

Career paths: feed your interests and grow your options.

An Animal Science minor is useful in landing positions in government service, animal industry sales, agricultural finance and credit, industry relations and communications, farm management, and food safety and quality assurance.

An Animal Science minor is a great option if:

  • an advanced understanding of animal biology and management makes you a more desirable professional/academic candidate
  • you have a personal interest in animals and are driven to study them at the university level


For details on program requirements, suggested academic plan, and more, see the University Bulletin.

Required courses

  • Animal Science
  • Careers in Animal Agriculture
  • Principles of Animal Nutrition

Sample additional courses

  • Advanced Canine Nutrition and Management
  • Advanced Dairy Herd Management
  • Advanced Horse Management
  • Beef Cattle Production and Management
  • Companion Animal Behavior
  • Equine Reproduction and Breeding Farm Management

Get started.

Apply for admission to the Animal Science minor by consulting with the undergraduate program coordinator, Dr. Bob Mikesell.

An animal science minor can take you on a career path to farm management, livestock breeding, and agribusiness.
Other career options could be animal industry sales, and food safety and quality assurance.
Consult with our undergraduate program coordinator for your admission to the Animal Science minor.